RealityHub 1.3

RealityEngine AMPERE Led Display

RealityEngine AMPERE LED Display Board
RealityEngine AMPERE Display is an LED display board designed explicitly for RealityEngine AMPERE. It shows the status colors of your Engine by various visual indicators parallel to the RealityHub Launcher Module.
To receive your LED Display shipment, please get in touch with our Support Department.
This feature is supported by RealityHub version 1.3 and above.
To utilize AMPERE LED Display, you have to keep the Reality Loader updated.


  • White, Constant: Loader started
  • Yellow, Blinking: Preparing the Engine for launch
  • Blue, Blinking: Caching the project
  • Green, Blinking: Loading the project
  • Green, Constant: Engine is ready
  • Red, Blinking: Error
If Reality Loader did not start 2 minutes after turning your Engine's power on, the AMPERE title turns red and blinks.
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