RealityHub 1.3

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download Reality Loader?
Is it essential to keep RealityHub and Reality Loader versions the same?
I can’t access the Nodegraph menu and receive a warning: “Engine must be running and fully loaded.”
Can I reach my Projects and Assets if they are on a different server?
How can I list the Project cache?
What is RealityHub Community Edition?
Which features are available with the Community Edition?
Can I upgrade my Community Edition?
Is Community Edition license time-bound?
Can I use different browsers to reach the same RealityHub Server?
Which Engines are supported by RealityHub?
I defined the Shared Folder Path, User Name, and Password, but I can’t reach my project, and ReScan operation fails.
What is the meaning of the “Please match the requested format” when I try to add New Shared Folder?
Can I install different applications on the RealityHub Server?
I can’t see my project in the Launcher.
Is it possible to grant single module access to a specific user or user group?
I upgraded the RealityHub from 1.1.x to 1.3, and now I can’t reach any module except for User Management and Configuration modules.
I can’t access a specific module, like Nodegraph/Actions.
Can I reach RealityHub Server via a supported browser but from different operating systems like Ubuntu or macOS?
Can I install RealityHub Server on Ubuntu or macOS?
I received a “Couldn’t connect to WebSocket server” error.
Can I change the values of identical nodes located inside multiple Engines?
Can antivirus software affect RealityHub?
Would it be a problem if I used the certified Microsoft Windows version with a different language pack?
What is the meaning of "RGraph history is not tracked in live mode"
Does RealityHub support undo action via CTRL + Z keyboard combination in the Nodegraph operations?
Can I use browser extensions along with RealityHub?
I received a "Failed to retrieve path source" error message