You can export custom UMG widgets as a texture output node on Reality Editor.

The widget class must be derived from ZDRealityWidget class.


  • Click ADD NEW → USER INTERFACE → WIDGET BLUEPRINT on the content browser. You can rename the widget as "Custom Widget".

  • Double click and open the widget. Simple, add an image into the widget.

  • Click GRAPH on the right top corner.

  • Click CLASS SETTINGS  then Click Parent Class drop-down under Details panel. Select ZDRealityWidget as parent class. 

The parent class ZDRealityWidget is required.


  • Scroll down, click on Exports. under the Reality tab.

  • Click ➕  button on widget class. Expand 0 index. Click drop-down menu on Widget Class. Select widget that you created. Give an export name.

  • Launch Reality Control and press F7 to launch Reality Setup.

  • Click PLAY on Reality Editor.

  • Open Reality Setup. Click CREATE → EXPERIMENTAL → WIDGET → WIDGET

  • Click Widget node that you created on. Click select your widget from widget menu.

You can use widget as image/video output on Reality Setup.