ZD ACTOR is an actor component that exports Unreal Actor object into Reality API as a node in run-time. Using ZD ACTOR, you can export any actor into the Reality API.

ZDActor Implementation

  • Create an arbitrary actor class on Reality Editor. Click ADD COMPONENT then ZD ACTOR. Afterward, click on ZD ACTOR.

  • Click on ZD ACTOR on the details panel(right side of screen), you can change properties of ZD ACTOR component under of the Reality category.

  • Put your actor into to the level.

  • Launch Reality Setup. Click PLAY button on Reality Editor. When project is on the running, actor node will be display on Reality Setup graph.

Using ZD Actors

  • Attach ZD ACTOR component to the Actor.

  • Put your Actor into the level.

  • When the game is started, the actor that ZD ACTOR component added automatically will appear on Reality Setup as a node.

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