Double click on the Reality Editor icon on your desktop to run the Reality Editor. Remember that after the installation and configuration, the first launch of Reality Editor will take time to compile the shaders.

When the Unreal Project Browser launches, it looks for two folders for project files:

C:\Users*username*\Documents\Unreal Projects 

The above folder is automatically created once Reality is installed on the device and you can change this folder.

If the project you want to launch is not in these folders, you can always click Browse to look for the project in your computer or start a new project by going to New Project tab and start a new project.

  • After you choose the project, the Reality Editor will launch with the default map.

Viewing and Editing Project Settings

  • Now go to Edit > Project Settings

  • Make sure that the Default Game Mode is ZDGameMode.

  • Choose Maps and Modes and see and edit the Default Maps according to your choice.

  • Go to Rendering and set the Enable alpha channel support in post-processing to Disabled. 

This change requires to restart Reality Editor. 

Launching the Project and Reality Setup

After viewing and editing the Project Settings, now you can click on Play button to play the project on Selected Viewport which is ZDGameMode by default on Reality Suite.

The Project will launch with Multiviewer shown as below:

Launch Reality Control and press F7 to launch Reality Setup.

If you are going to use Portal Window feature, please enable Global Clipping Plane from the Project Settings of the project. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Rendering and make sure that Support global plane for Planar Reflections is enabled as shown below: