Setting up Single Pixel Stream in Reality Nodegraph

  • Launch the project and open Setup tab on Reality Control application to open rgraph configuration area.

  • Add PIXEL STREAM node.

  • Connect OUTPUT pin (from the node for which you want to stream) > INPUT pin of PIXEL STREAM node.

  • Select the PIXEL STREAM node and set HTTP IP and Ports in the Properties section.



Reality Engine IP


80 (Default for HTTP). You can use any available HTTP port.


Reality Engine IP

UE Port

8124 (Default TCP)

  • On the PIXEL STREAM node, you will see the status as "Server Stopped". 

This means that selected node is not streaming any frame to the web browser. 

  • To start streaming, go to Functions section and click on Start Execute button.

  • Now you should see the status as “Server Running” on the PIXEL STREAM node,

This means that selected node is now streaming frames to the web browser. 

Viewing Single Pixel Stream on Web Browser

  • Open web browser on the device(s) where you want Reality output to be streamed and enter the Reality Engine IP in the URL and press Enter.

  • Type in the URL:

In this example, the Reality Engine IP is and port is 80

  • You will see black screen in the browser, simply left mouse click anywhere inside the black region to activate the video stream.

  • You will see final streaming video in the web browser.

  • To stop streaming, select PIXEL STREAM node, go to Functions section and click on Stop Execute button.

  • On the PIXEL STREAM node, you will see the status as “Server Stopped”. 

You can click on Start Execute button to start streaming again.