We have currently certified the configuration below:

Reality Engine Certified System Configuration

Recommended Workstation


For more information on HP Z4G4 workstation, click here.

Operating System

Windows10 Pro for Workstations with build 2004


Intel® Xeon® W-2133 Processor

Internal Storage

M.2 SSD 256GB 

Available Graphics

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, GV100 or NVIDIA Quadro P6000 

Video I/O Board

AJA Corvid44 BNC or AJA Corvid44 12G BNC or AJA Corvid88 (install in slot5)

For 12G solutions, a NEW AJA Corvid 44 12G BNC is available in AJA Video I/O family. There are 2 variants of Corvid 44 12G, one with micro BNC connectors and another with full-sized BNC connectors, Reality is certified to work with full-sized BNC connectors.


32GB DDR4-2666 (2x 16GB is recommended)

See Installing RAM.


  • 1000 Watts (recommended) power supply which provides 4x 8 Pin power cables. (On Xeon)

  • 750 Watts is minimum required power supply which provides 2x 6 Pin power cables.


  • If your HP Z4 G4 workstation did not come with Front Fan Kit, then an additional chassis front FAN kit/component must be included in the order to support a high power Quadro board. Double check your order. For further details, visit Installing Fan and Front Card Guide Kit

  • A special internal power cable for 750W powered workstations must be included in the order to support high powered Quadro boards.  Double check your order. To know more about this adapter cable, click here.

  • The OS disk is for installation and cache only.