This guide focuses on understanding how to integrate Reality Editor features into Reality Setup.  

What is Reality Editor?

Reality Editor is a fork version of Unreal Engine. You can use all of variety Unreal Engine System components (UMG, Animations, Materials) in Reality Editor. The editor includes all of Unreal Engine class implementations (PawnActorGame Mode). You can include 3D Models, videos and images into the Reality Editor.

What Reality Editor Do?

Reality Editor serves real time data mechanism into Reality Setup. You can bind functions, events and properties into Reality Setup.

What is ZD Pin?

ZD_PIN  is a class that operates ZD Blueprint Nodes input/output mechanism. Any input/output mechanism can be exported with Unreal Blueprint into the Reality Setup Node system.

What is Zero Density Actor Component(s)? 

There are several actor components in Reality Editor. These components serves real-time data into Reality Node Graph. You can attach an actor component to the actor to provide functioning to the Actor that you created.