Installation of Reality Control

Install the "Reality Control" from executable on your downloaded folder \Reality-X.X.X-Control-Build-Y.exe

The version number on images in this article may be different from the version you are installing as these images are just for reference.

The installation process will take approximately 10 seconds. The Setup Wizard will guide you through, you should read and agree the License Agreement: by clicking I Agree

Do not change the default settings on Choose Components and click Next;

If you wish to install "Action Builder Plugins", choose component "Action Builder Plugins" also and then click the Next button.

Choosing the Install Location will start the setup; please make sure that the Control software is installed in your main hard disk drive:

After successfully installing the Reality Control, you will see the folder "Reality Control Application" in C:\Program Files\Zero Density:

Reality Control executable will be found under C:\Program Files\Zero Density\Reality Control Applications\4.25 folder. All the applications like Reality Cook Server, Reality Engine Server, etc. can be found under C:\Program Files\Zero Density\Reality Control Applications\4.25 folder.