Once the actions are built using the Reality Action Builder, you can use those actions within the Reality Action Controller application. The action controller can be started from the Reality Control application by pressing  key.

This controller application is ideal for control room operators, since the operators won’t need the designer controls.

Action Playlists

Using playlists, we can save action properties and call them when needed, without retyping them manually during production. You can easily call your pre-saved action properties with one mouse button click.

  1. List of Action Control Interfaces built with Action Builder

  2. Action Control Interface

  3. Playlist

The Playlist functionality feature is only available through Action Controller.

Creating Playlist

In order to show an example for using playlists, we will save some preset camera transform values for CAMERA_0 node and call those values later. Clicking on the CREATE button will create a new “Playlist Item” named “Playlist Item 0” by default.

Click on the CREATE button 2 more times and create 3 playlist items in total.

Now click on “Playlist Item 0” and enter some transform values to MY TRANSFORM property. Select the other Playlist Items and type different transform values to those items. Selecting each playlist item will bring its entered transform values back to MY TRANSFORM property.

The currently active playlist item is shown in green color. The other playlist items are shown in red, this doesn’t mean any error.

Clicking SETCAM0  button will fly the CAMERA_0 node. This could be used for creating simple fly animations for trackless virtual studio cameras.

Deleting Playlist Items

Clicking on the DELETE button will delete the selected playlist item. The [new [new pl] button will delete all playlist items in the playlist memory. These operations won’t delete any saved playlist files.

Changing the order of Playlist Items

Clicking and dragging a playlist item with left mouse button will change the order in the list.

Action Control Playlist Files

Clicking on SAVE PL button will bring the dialog box for saving a “.rplaylist” file. You can save your playlist to the filesystem and later load it from that file using OPEN PL button.