Reality 4.25 is based on Unreal® Engine 4.25 with new features and improved rendering performance. From this version on, the version numbering between Unreal and Reality is synced.

Installation Files

With version 4.25, we reduce the number of installation packages to two:

  • Reality-4.25.SPX.bXXX.iso (~3.6GB): This file includes the Setup.exe file for Reality Editor and Reality Engine as well as all prerequisite installers for a clean installation of Windows 10 OS and WIBU licensing system. Reality-4.25.SPX.bXXX.iso package must be installed on Engine computers and design workstations. All necessary prerequisites in this ISO will automatically be installed by the setup, except AJA drivers.

You have to navigate to the AJA folder on your computer, install the drivers and update firmware manually.

RealityControl-4.25.SPX.bXXX.exe (~20MB): This file includes Reality Control applications along with the Reality Engine Server and Cook Server.

Licensing / Copy Protection

With the introduction of the 4.25 release, there are some major changes in copy protection:

  • All of the software features will function in Reality Engine even if the required license is missing/expired, however, the output nodes (such as AJA OUTWINDOWOUTPUT)  will warn the user with a warning message for "Exceeded Licenses".

If the system doesn't have a licensed dongle (or can not communicate with the dongle), Reality Engine will still function as "Community Edition", where you will see the watermark in your outputs.

  • You can see your license list with features, expiry dates, and counts, using WebAdmin from Codemeter.

  • Starting with this version, there is a new license entry called Reality Engine Maintenance. This is required to run the latest version of the software distributions you receive.

If the license of the previous release is already expired, Reality Engine Maintenance now prints a warning message on output nodes after installation of the new version. 

  • Engines now have the "Standalone" mode as the default license. So now you can run your projects on your engines without cooking by default! (previously, Reality Editor license was required in addition to the Reality Engine license for running in "Standalone" mode)

COOK mode is optional and requires an additional "COOK mode" license for each engine.

Your previous Reality 2.x licenses will not work with Reality 4.25! Please contact to receive your licenses for Reality 4.25.

Build #406 January 18, 2021

What's New




  • Reality Engine and Reality Prerequisites installers are combined into the main Reality ISO package.

Reality Engine

  • ZDGameMode will not override the Unreal main window unless ENGINE CONTROL node piped into DISPLAY pin. 

  • The Engine frame rate is now controlled by the "Genlock" mode via ENGINE CONTROL node by default. Your engines avoid "Free run" mode, so they are synced to genlock, but if you wish to see the maximum frame rate, you can still use "Free run" mode, after disabling your AJA OUT nodes.

  • COMPOSITE PASSES node now blends the keyed video images with "ADD" blend mode and therefore expects the keyed image to be in "premultiplied" mode.

  • TRACKED BILLBOARD node now supports looking at the "Fly Camera" even with a tracked video camera input.

Reality Editor

  • The Editor includes all standard Unreal Project templates along with the ZDStarter template.

Reality Cook Server

  • ZDRealityCookServer.exe icon is now colored blue (to avoid confusion with Engine Server).

Reality Cook Server is moved under Reality Control Applications.

Reality Engine Server

  • ZDRealityEngineServer.exe icon is now colored red (to avoid confusion with Cook Server).

Reality Engine Server is moved under Reality Control Applications.

Reality Prerequisites

  • Prerequisite installations are made automatically with the setup.

  • AJA drivers and firmware are accessible under the AJA directory inside Reality-4.25SPX.iso 

Certified Hardware, Drivers, OS.

Nvidia GPU Drivers


See Downloading the proper NVIDIA driver.


Version 2.63

You can download this release using your support portal account:

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