Reality Suite Applications

To run Reality Suite application, first you need to configure the machines which are being used in the Reality suite.

The configuration of the machines that will be used can be noted down under five categories:

  • Cook Server: Is used to cook a project to be run in shipping mode. Cooking is a process in which the project is converted for more memory and performance-effective usage. All cooked projects are found in Shipping mode. Cook server will run Reality Cook Server application. This machine does not need a graphic card, however it needs to have Reality Editor. Installation of Cook Server and Reality Editor is mandatory on this machine.  Cook Server installer is an installer component with the Reality Control installer. 

The project cannot be cooked without Reality Editor, hence it is mandatory to install Reality Editor on the Cook Server machine.

  1. Reality Engine: It is the main Engine that contains all the projects/virtual sets. There can be one or multiple Reality Engines installed. This should be a high-performance workstation as projects will run from these Engines with a Reality Engine license. AJA I/O video boards will be installed on this machine. Installation of Reality Prerequisites and Reality Engine is mandatory on this machine. Each engine has its own cache and each time the project is launched and the engine server is on, the engine calls the latest version of the studio from its local cache.

  • Control Server: As the name suggests, this is the main controlling source from where one or multiple engine(s) can be controlled by providing various commands to each engine. The operators will use Reality Control on these control machines during live broadcasting. Control application send commands to Reality Engines to launch/stop the projects, controls the way projects are handled in Reality Engine for performing desired output. It also communicates with Cook Server to perform cooking process.
    Control application also lets you setup a studio configuration and define a connection of virtual scene with every Reality Engine(s) and using a simple interface, compositing rendering pipeline by connecting nodes such as video input and output, keyer, color correction, connecting tracking camera, virtual scene etc. This is mostly a onetime process if you don’t intend to make any changes in the setup. Once setup is done, simply launch the studio and go On Air in no time. You can on demand trigger various functions and control the virtual elements in the scene. This machine doesn’t require high configuration as it is used to simply control one or multiple Reality Engine(s) and Cook servers. You can use low configuration computer or even a laptop. Installation of Reality Control is mandatory on this machine.

  • Reality Editor: The designers will use Reality Editor on these machines with Reality Editor license. A USB dongle supplied with Reality Editor License must be connected to this machine to run Reality Editor. Installation of Reality Editor and Reality Prerequisites is mandatory on this machine. The Reality Prerequisite installs "CodeMeterRuntime64-650.msi" which is necessary for licensing Reality Editor.

  • Network Attached Storage: This will be the R: Drive that all the other workstations in the Reality Suite can access and read or write the projects' configuration files. 

    For working with Reality Suite, you must map a shared drive having enough HDD free space (We recommend a minimum of 100 GB).

Reality Suite Software

To control machines connected in Reality environment, a dedicated specialized software application interface is designed for each kind of server. There are mainly 2 executable which must be installed in order to work with Reality.

  • Reality Editor: This should be installed on Reality Editor workstations, Cook Server, and the machine which will server as Reality Engine.  This .iso file contains Package folder which includes Prerequisites which are installed automatically except AJA.

  • Reality Control: This should be installed on Reality Control server, Engine Server, and Cook Server.