Reality Editor is a fork version of Unreal Editor. Reality Editor handles network, video and data processing. As a first step, Reality Editor establishes a connection between itself and "Reality API" when clicked "Play" button on the view-port. If game runs as successfully, then Reality Setup is informed about declared data members and objects like (float, integer, actors, pawns, cameras etc..). Reality Editor works in run-time as bidirectionally. These data members and objects will be automatically to be informed for each Reality Setup applications.

Engine Workflow Instructions

  • All of the prepared blueprint and other assets will be present with during the video signal process.

  • The Reality Editor processing starts when user clicked PLAY on Viewport.

  • Reality Editor establish a connection with Reality Setup. This connection is bidirectional in real-time.

  • All of the ZD Blueprint node class instances will be reflected on Reality Setup.

  • If any Actor includes ZD Actor than it reflects on the Reality Setup. Reality Editor will be reflected to "Reality Setup" on real-time.

  • All instances of ZD Blueprint Classes, properties and functions are reflected to the "Reality Setup".

  • Dynamically events will be reflected between Reality Editor and Reality Setup.

  • The Unreal Engine camera(s) provides video texture stream for the Reality Setup.

  • The process continues until the network connection is lost.

Reality Editor Basic Workflow Schema