Using CodeMeter Control Center to Create a License Request File

Connect the USB dongle you want to license to the USB port on your Windows Computer.

Remember, the dongle carries all the licensing information, the license is only dependent to the dongle. So you can license your dongle at any computer and carry it to another one.

Start CodeMeter Control Center

CodeMeter Control Center will be installed via Reality Prerequisites. If you choose not to install Reality Prerequisites, please download CodeMeter. After proper installation, launch the CodeMeter Control Center using the Taskbar or the Start Menu as shown below. 

Create a License Request File

The CodeMeter Control Center is launched. If your dongle is detected, it should be listed as shown below. Click on your dongle and then click on the License Update button as shown below.

The number of the dongle is also printed on the metal surface of the USB connector of the dongle. This is your dongle's unique number. Optionally, you can also rename your dongle for better tracking if you like.

Select Create License Request and click Next:

If the dongle is new and never licensed before, choose Create License Request and click Next. If the dongle already been licensed and you are upgrading/changing licensing Create License Request and click Next.

Type 102982 if the firm code is requested as shown below and click next.

The CodeMeter Control Center will ask for a location to save the request file. Choose a file location and click Commit:

Finish the process and send the request files to after collecting all required files.

Install your license with update file

If you already sent a request file to Zero Density, you shall receive an update file for the corresponding dongle with extension .WibuCmRaU

Download and copy this file to your desktop and launch CodeMeter Control Center:

Make sure your dongle is attached. Select your dongle and click the License Update button.

Select Import license update and click Next:

Browse and  locate your license update file and click Commit:

Congratulations! Your dongle is now licensed and can be carried to any workstation which has the Reality Engine Applications installed.

After your dongle is permanently licensed, please do not lose the dongle. For the lost/stolen dongle policy, please refer to your Zero Density Sales Agreement.