In the Reality Control application, the Filter option is very helpful to narrow the scope of your search to eliminate irrelevant items (property, function, or node) to help you find the exact content you're looking for. Filtering can be performed to locate content by typing specific letters of the item, without needing to understand or navigate through the structure of the items. This can be a quicker or easier way to find what you are looking for. Simply start typing in the filter area and the property will be filtered out hiding rest of the properties. You can click the cross button to clear the filtered item and reveal all the properties back.

Similar to properties, even function section has the same option.

On the node graph section, you can also filter out specific node to be available on the node graph.

Below is the example of nodes which are highlighted based on your filter characters, all the nodes which contain the letters “AJA” will be highlighted in cyan color. 

There is no need to type the exact beginning letters to be able to filter any item, you can type in any letter that contains in the item you want to filter out. E.g. if you want to find property "Opacity", you can type characters "aci", this will further increase the accessibility of the filter function.

To clear the filter, click on the cross button.