Property exposing is a feature that exports Blueprint variables to the Reality API. After exporting a BP variable as a property, you can manipulate the property via Reality Setup, Action System, or any application which uses Reality .Net API.

Rules of Property Export

  • ZD ACTOR component must be attached to the Actor object.

  • The variable that will be exported must be public (instance editable, click on the eye icon for that variable).


  • Create a new Unreal Actor instance and name it a “Simple Actor”. Attach ZD ACTOR to the object.

  • Click + Add New > Variable.

  • Click on variable that you created under Variables tab. Change name as SimpleVariable. Make it public (instance editable).

You must check Instance Editable or, click on the eye icon for that variable.

  • Click Compile then Save

  • Drag your Actor Instance from Content Browser to your level.

  • Launch Reality Setup.

  • Click PLAY on Reality Editor.

  • Click on Simple Actor on Reality Setup graph. Click to SimpleVariable for making value true. (The boolean variable is set to false as default)

  • SimpleVariable property will be automatically reflected as bidirectionally during run-time.