You can export post-process material data into the Reality API. By using post-process materials, you can render your post-process material on a POST-PROCESS node in Reality API. You can create several post-process materials and combine them into Post Process node.


  • To create a new post-process material, Click ADD NEW → MATERIALS & TEXTURES → MATERIAL. You can rename the material.

  • Double click on material that you created. On Details panel, click Material Domain and select Post Process.

  • Right click into graph and search for constant. Click the Constant to create.

  • Click constant. Set constant value to 0.3

  • Connect the output pin of the Constant to the Emissive Color input of the CustomPostProcessMaterial node


  • Scroll down, click Exports under the Reality tab.

  • Click on the ➕ button under Post Process Materials, expand the index. Select post-process material that you created. You can give an export name for your post-process material.

  • Launch the Reality Setup.

  • Click Play on Reality Editor.

  • Open the nodegraph. Click CREATE → UE RENDER → POST PROCESS MATERIAL


  • Click POST PROCESS MATERIAL node. Expand the MATERIAL property and select the material you created

There are several custom post-process materials already defined. (RealityDistort, RealityBypass, RealityTonemapper)


  • Connect the OUTPUT pin of the POSTPROCESS MATERIAL into MATERIAL input pin of the POSTPROCESS node


We learned how to create a new post-process material on Reality Editor and how to set it up in Reality API. Post-process materials are useful to render any POSTPROCESS node.