Function exporting is a Reality Editor feature that affects the Reality Setup for calling functions in real-time. You can export INPUT/OUTPUT parameters to the function that will be exposed. You can call the function on Reality Setup.

Rules of Function Exposing

  • ZDActor Component component must be attached to the Actor object.

  • The function that will be exposed must be declared as public.


  • Create a new Actor instance. Rename it as ExampleActor. Double click on it.

  • Click ADD COMPONENT search for “ZD” and attach ZD ACTOR component on Components tab.

  •  Click Add > New Function on My Blueprint tab. Rename it as SimpleFunction.

  • After selecting the function, on the Details panel (on right side) click the plus icon to add parameter.

  • Add some parameters.

  • Click Compile > Save. Close the blueprint.

  • Put your actor into the level.

  • Launch Reality Setup. Click PLAY on Reality Editor.

  • Click ExampleActor on Reality Setup. Investigate the properties tab. The function parameters that we added (Boolean Param and Vector) param will be shown. You can execute the function on the Reality Setup.

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