There are few pre-requisite settings that need to be done in Reality Editor to work with Ray tracing:

  • Starting Reality Editor in DX12 mode.

  • Enabling Ray Trace rendering in Reality Editor.

Go to the main menu and use the File menu to open the Project Settings.

  • Under Platforms > Windows, use the Default RHI dropdown to select DirectX12

There is also another method in which you can start Reality Editor in DX12 mode:

  • Right click on Reality Editor shortcut icon and go to Properties.

  • Under the Shortcut tab > Target section, at the end of the file path “C:\Program Files\Zero Density\Reality Editor\2.8\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe”, leave a <space> and type "-dx12" as shown below:

Now whenever you launch Reality Editor, it will launch in DX12 mode.

Reality Editor will always launch in DX12 while -dx12 suffix is present in the Target path.

Enabling Ray Trace

  • One Reality Editor is launched, Under Engine > Rendering, enable Ray Tracing

  • To enable Ray Tracing, Support Compute Skincache must be enabled for the project. If it is not already enabled, you’ll receive a message dialogue asking if you would like to enable it now. If so, click Yes.

  • Restart the Reality Editor launch with DX12 and to enable Ray Tracing for your project.

See Real-time Ray Tracing.