You can find the newest Reality distributions under Zero Density Support Portal:

Reality (approx. 3.64 GB)

This executable is required to install on the editor's device for design and editing purposes.

The version of the executable are shown on the links as follows:

 ....\Reality-X1.X2.X3--Build-Y1.exe?.... shows that this Reality file belongs to X1.X2 main version with the X3 showing the latest bug fix version and Y1 shows the the number of the built version of the executable released by Zero Density Development team.

Please make sure you are connected to the internet and click on the links and the download process should start immediately.

Reality Control (approx. 20 MB)

This executable contains the installation files for Reality Control Applications.

Reality Control Application is installed on the main control server from where one or multiple Reality Engine(s) can be controlled by providing various commands to each engine.