Other than setting node properties, we can also call node functions if the node we have selected has any available functions to call. As an example, let’s use the MIXER node since it has some callable functions. When we use the node graph setup application, clicking a node will bring its properties and callable functions.

By default, MIXER node has the PROGRAM CHANNEL selected as “Channel1” and PREVIEW CHANNEL as “Channel2”. The transition TYPE is set to “Dissolve” and its DURATION is “1.0” seconds. So, calling the DOTRANSITION function should transition in 1 second from “Channel1” to “Channel2” using a “Dissolve” type of transition.

  • Create a new action group named “Vision_Mixer” and add a Create > Task > Call_Node_Function.

  • First select MIXER as node property under “Call Node Function” tab, then set the FUNCTION property to “DoTransition”.

  • The parameters of the “DoTransition” function call is going to be displayed. Let’s keep the defaults and keep it as a dissolve transition with a 1-second duration.

Clicking on the “Dissolve” action button is going to make a dissolve between “Channel1” and “Channel2” using the MIXER node.