Action Builder lets us bind a property of an Action Group to a property of a node. This basically allows control users to easily send parameter values for the action buttons.

Animating a Virtual Camera with Action Controls

A simple example for property binding would be animating a virtual camera transform. Select the “Camera_Control” action group and create another Action Button, then rename it to “SetCam0”.

Create a SetNodeProperty task for this action button, and name it as “SetCameraTransform”.

  • Now we set DURATION to “5.0”, INTERPOLATION to “EaseInOut” for the CAMERA node.

  • Set Node as “CAMERA_0 ”, set PROPERTY to “Transform”. The VALUE TYPE should be set to “Binding”. This means that we are going to bind the transform of the CAMERA_0 node to an Action property.

Creating an Action Group Property

Properties belong to action groups. Select the “Camera_Control” group and click with the right mouse button .

This will add a “Transform” property to the action group. By default, it is named as MY TRANSFORM.

You can also rename transform properties, or change their display names

Binding an Action Group Property to a Node Property

Now select “SetCameraTransform” task of SetCam0 action, and type “MyTransform” to BindTo property.

Now type in some transform values to MY TRANSFORM and click on SetCam0 button. This will animate the CAMERA_0 node’s current transform value to entered value in 5 seconds using “EaseInOut” interpolation. You can type different transforms and click SetCam0 to move the camera to different locations.