There are several optimizations for a set design to check and improve. The main things to check are as follows:

Rendering Section

In the project settings->Rendering section please make sure the marked items are SET as seen on the screenshot.


Under Settings ->Scalability settings try to lower settings for shadows and effects.

The resolution scale has to be 100 Anti-aliasing and Postprocessing shall be EPIC

Light and Shader Complexity

Check Light And Shader complexity from the menu below, Check unreal forums to optimiziations tricks. Use profiling tools to improve optimizations: Unreal Engine Performance and Profiling

Dynamic Lights

Try to minimize number of dynamic lights, especially Spot Lights.

Scene Capture

Try to avoid using Scene Capture 2d or Cube everyframe

Triangle Counts

Check Triangle counts for static meshes

Texture Sizes

Texture Sizes are important. Try not to use huge textures unless really necessary, try to GPU optimized texture sizes.


Be careful with LightMap Resolution.


Run the Set with setup and complete the Set workflow on your design workstations and travel the Set with UserTrack Node. Change zoom level and focus and make sure the Set runs at least 20/30 FPS more than 60 FPS in any condition.

Collision Info

Avoid unnecessary collision info, by default Unreal Engine will create collision info when object is imported. A good idea is to remove this if collision is not used specifically.

Fixed Bounds

If you use particles try to make sure the Fixed Bounds is used.