It is important to add a Reality user to access the engines easily and do all the configurations, especially for remote installations and support.

Adding a New User

Go to Computer Management on the start menu as shown below:

Click on Local Users and Groups > User to view the existing users list.

Now right-click on the User List area and click on New User.

Create a new user with the User name: reality, Full name: reality, Description: reality and Password: reality. Un-check option User must change password at next logon, check options User cannot change password and Password never expires. After making these changes, click Create and then Close button as below:

When you go back to the User List view, you will see that the user named as reality is created and listed.

Adding User to Administrators Group

Right-click on the the reality user and select the Properties as shown below:

Go to the Member Of tab on the reality Properties dialog and click on Add to add this user to another existing group.

On Select Groups window, Enter the object name as Administrators (subject to change depending on computers' language settings) and click on Check Names.

Once the group name is correctly typed, you will see that this user is added to Administrators Group, click OK .

You will see that this user is added to the Administrators' group.

Setting Reality User as Default at Windows Start-up

After adding reality user to the Users, go to Run on the start menu as shown below:

On this window, type netplwiz and click OK.


On User Accounts > Users tab, select "reality" user and click on Properties.

Type the User name, Full name and Description as "reality" and click OK.

Now reality user is successfully added.