We are proud to announce a new feature of Reality. With this feature, you will be able to create your own Template. 

Let's see how it is work.

  • Create a project or open an existing project.

  • Open Reality Setup.

  • Click to the PLAY button of Reality Editor. Then connect to Reality Setup.

  • Add some nodes, link them. 

  • Select nodes via mouse cursor drag operation.

  • Right click an empty area of graph, Select Export n Nodes.

  • Save it in a folder.

You don't need select MIXER and ENGINE CONTROL node. They are already come as default.

  • Open file location of Reality Control Application. 

  • Right Click > Properties

  • Click on Open File Location button.

  • Open "NodeTemplates" folder. Copy "MyTemplate.rnode" into this folder.


Let's open the custom template.