Reality 2.9 What's New

Reality 2.9 is based on Unreal® Engine 4.23. In this release, we introduce a Post Process Bypassing Mechanism for Video. This new feature allows input video (talent) to be rendered inside 3D scene. Unreal's Temporal AA, Depth of Field, Motion Blur and Tonemapping post processing mechanism can be selectively bypassed with floating point weight controls. This new pipeline is an alternative to Composite Passes pipeline, while allowing the creation of flying camera effects easily on tracked camera, especially when combined with talent tracking, such as BlackTrax

Build #233 January 31, 2019

What's New



Unreal® Engine

  • 4.23 merged.
  • New HDRI Backdrop plugin enabled.
  • New Virtual Production API plugin enabled.

Reality Engine

  • Post Process Bypassing Mechanism for Video. 
    Unreal's Temporal AA, Depth of Field, Motion Blur and Tonemapping post processing mechanisms can be selectively bypassed with floating point weight controls in Unreal materials. 

     node allows you project the keyed talent video into correct scene depth. You can connect   pin to a talent tracking system to automatically update the position of the billboard plane. 

    You can find a TrackedBillboard template in Import Template menu.

  • You can now set HDROutputDeviceFormat and Color Gamut of   nodes via   node.
  • Now you can set opacity to overlay channel in  node.

    Set   property to True, if  has alpha channel.

New Nodes

  •  node is no more experimental

Reality Keyer

  • Removed UnPreMultGamma.   now outputs premultiplied images.

Video I/O

  • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Gamma Curve support for Broadcast HDR workflows

  • Reality now brings support for AJA Corvid 44-12G BNC card for achieving single link transmission of 12G signal for input and output.
  • Reality supports 4K / UHD raw camera input from Panasonic Varicam LT via dual link 3G SDI connection.

    See How to use Raw input in Reality.

Media Playback

  • HAP Codec support. A collection of high-performance codecs optimized for high resolution video playback that runs on the GPU
    See HAP Video Codec.

Reality Editor

  • New Example Content Project comes with Reality 2.9. You can find samples for many applications such as data-driven graphics, animation triggers, 2D broadcast graphics templates including channel branding and weather.

    See Reality Starter Project

Important Changes

Certified Hardware, Drivers, OS.

AJA Video

  • Version
  • Certified firmware files

Video I/O

Corvid44 12Gcorvid_44_2019-10-25.bit

NVidia GPU Drivers


See Downloading the proper NVIDIA driver.

Microsoft Windows OS

Reality Engine 2.9 is certified with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OS Build 1909

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Reported Bug

Fix Details

Cooks increases the size of Reality Cache folder to full.


Less popularity cooks are deleted when cache size is nearly full.

Video out is not proper when set  node  property to YCbCr10-4:2:2 at 720p resolution.


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