Hotfix Version 2.7.1

2.7.1 (Build #217) Bug Fixes and Improvements. March 26, 2019

Reported BugFix Details

Changes done to studio are not effective when there is a filter in search area.


node always outputs 1 for NodalOffset value. 

Action Builder was not loading CallNodeFunction with their parameter bindings.FIXED

shows Call Node function properties under property.


Call Node function properties are separated to

Missing Properties section of node when reloaded that .rgraph.


Editor used to crash when adding tag to node.

Due to the nature of Windows OS, Reality R: Drive disconnects after reboot or some idle time.


Reality Control application when launched, will now try to mount the shared network drive when it is found inaccessible and automatically connect to R: drive

Status of Engine & Cook server connection notification.

Added Cook & Engine server notification on icon tool tip in task bar notification area.