Reality Control Application


Reality 2.6 brings up a new Reality Control Application which supersedes the legacy Reality Launcher. Reality Control Application is designed to make the controller`s easier.

The Reality Control Application opens with Launcher on the default screen. Let's explore the Reality Launcher Application. 

Server Status

You can check your status of EngineServer(1) and CookServer(2) from Reality Control Application. 

If you hover your cursor above Engine and Cook text you will also get information about server port and ip. 


Open Settings from Window >Setting which is at the top left of Reality Control Application. 

If you open settings, you will see a window as shown in the below picture.

There are three different section for settings.

    • Application Settings
    • Launch Settings
    • Cook Settings

Application Settings

This section give you some info about where store Engine files, configuration file, and root path and also you can change those variable if necessary.

The important thing here is about CookServer Ip and CookServer Port. Value of "Cook Server Port"  should match  ZDRealityCookServer.exe.config file. If you want to use another CookServer which is not run on your local machine you should write the address and port of that machine.

Launch Settings

This section is about Launcher. You can change the value or add some values for your Launcher settings.

Cook Settings

This section is about Cook. You can change the value or add some values for your Cook settings.

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