RealityHub visualizes entities as nodes inside the Nodegraph/Actions. To set an example, RealityHub reads Reality Engine nodes and visualizes them inside its Nodegraph. Then, depending on the logical connections between nodes, it creates a node tree, triggers functions & sends commands to a targeted pipeline in real-time.

A node has several visual attributes, as shown in the image above.

Debugging Mode

In RealityHub terminology, debugging mode refers to a unique state which activates several features such as visualization. Not all nodes support debugging mode. The most common debugging uses the Cyclorama, ProjectionCube, Camera, and Lights in a live production workflow. The reason behind the Debugging Mode is to help you adjust several features of your live production scene without going back and forth to the Reality Engine.

For more details, visit Cyclorama and Projection Cube


This feature provides input to several nodes to control them in a three-dimensional space. This feature became useful when you want to change, for instance, the X, Y, Z, Roll, Yaw, and Pitch axis of a CAMERA inside your scene via RealityHub. Instead of typing inputs manually, GamePad allows you to change your CAMERA axis in a free look (a.k.a, mouselook) like playing a first-person shooter game.

To use GamePad:

  • Select a USERTRACK node

  • Click on the GAMEPAD Activation Button

As soon as you click on the GAMEPAD activation button:

  1. The GamePad Navigation Tool inside the Nodegraph view gets activated

  2. GAMEPAD button turns to blue, as shown in the image above

  • Click and hold your right mouse button on the GamePad Navigation Tool

    • Using WASDQE keys transforms you in a 3d space

    • Moving your mouse gives you the ability to freelook

Active and Passive Attributes

As shown in the image above, active and passive node elements differ from one another.

Pin Colouring

RealityHub reflects the actual state inside the Reality Engine, and each node can be connected to the associated node(s). You can establish a connection between logically matching nodes. To set an example, the following direct connection is neither logical nor possible because of the nature of the two nodes: USERTRACK node’s TRACK to ENGINECONTROL node’s TIMECODE. To help you distinguish node classes, RealityHub uses Pin Coloring, as shown image above.

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