The Launcher module has two main sections:

Launch Configuration: This is the section you can Add and Delete a launch configuration. Changing the Configuration Mode, launching, stopping, and re-timing an engine also occurs inside the Launch Configuration section.

  • Launch/Stop: This button launches and stops your Engine(s)

  • ReTime: This button synchronizes your gen-lock time, I/O systems, including tracking and Video I/O.

  • Mode:

    • Live Mode: This mode is designed to prevent certain operations during a live event that might cause unwanted interference during a live event. In the Live Mode, deleting a renderer configuration, modifying Actions, and using Advanced Preview Monitor features are disabled.

    • Configuration Mode: This mode has no operation restrictions; you can use all licensed features without limitation.

Renderers: In this section, you can specify the details of your project to be rendered:

  • Engine: In this column, you can select your Engine or Engine Groups.

  • Project: Area for selecting a Project, Map, and Engine Type (Reality Engine or Unreal Engine) to be launched by the RealityHub.

  • Version: This column displays the version of a selected project.

  • RGraph: This is an optional field that you can select an Rgraph to be loaded automatically by RealityHub when you start the Launch Configuration. For more information, visit the RGraph.

  • Control: The button displayed in this field starts and stops an individual renderer. The Stop function is available only in Configuration Mode.

  • FPS: This field shows your Engine‚Äôs FPS rate when the renderer is running.

  • Status: Represents the status of the system by colors explained in the following paragraph.

Renderer Toolbar

From left to right, the Renderer Management buttons shown in the image above contain the following functions:

  • Scan Folders: This button popups a new window for scanning your project folders. See also Project Configuration.

  • Update Launch Settings: This button popups a new window in which you can launch your project with additional settings such as running your project without sound (Nosound)

  • Add & Delete: Buttons for adding and deleting renderers

You have to change your launch Mode from Live Mode to Configuration Mode to delete a renderer configuration.

Status Colors

After a successful configuration and clicking the LAUNCH button, the Status color instantly changes. The following colors represent:

  • Grey: The system is free to use

  • Yellow: The system is trying to reach your Shared Folders.

  • Blue: The system is caching your project

  • Orange: The Engine(s) is loading your project

  • Green: Your configuration is online

  • Black: Different configuration is using the engine you are trying to launch

  • Red: Launch failed

When your setup is successfully launched, RealityHub launches your Reality Editor scene in a separate window on the Engine Host, as shown in the image below:

Be aware that closing the Reality Engine display window stops your Engine (s).

Minimizing the Reality Engine display window might affect your performance. It is important not to minimize the Reality Engine display window; you can leave it aside or keep it in the background.

Next step: Adding a New Launch Configuration