RealityHub seamlessly integrates to your broadcast automation devices through the CII, and this integration allows you to conduct Playout triggering/updating operations. The main idea is to get Playout Rundown items through the REST API and assign them to the broadcast automation devices via the CII. Please keep that in mind; you can only use RealityHub CII Module for Playout operations along with the REST API. To reach CII Configuration:

  • Click on the Main Menu

  • Select the Configuration

  • Go to the Configuration sidebar

  • Select the CII Server under the Integration

Configuration Details

  • The default port for CII on the RealityHub is 1235.

  • To establish the communication, you have to provide the same port for CII and RealityHub.

Calling Rundown Items

The example on the image above shows that we have one Form Template, four Buttons, and the following variables: Reality String, Reality Boolean, and Reality Number in the Playout module. This setup is created via the Form Builder module.

    "id": 2,
    "name": "New Form",
    "template": "New Form",
    "data": {
      "realitystring1": "200",
      "realityboolean1": true,
      "realitynumber1": 0
    "buttons": [
        "id": "b72a38ee-213a-432b-8b9f-67d5f4f962fe",
        "label": "Cam Left"
        "id": "b166ab50-9bc1-4eea-9a16-473425d8124a",
        "label": "Cam Center"
        "id": "eec3f459-f705-466d-98de-68ce33ef1f17",
        "label": "Cam Right"
        "id": "5e4a3236-78b2-4154-9b5d-acbd279b3c9f",
        "label": "Cam Top"

We utilize the GET method to list Rundown Items via the following link: http://localhost/api/rest/v1/playout/rundowns/1/items. The code snippet above shows that every defined Rundown Items are now ready to assign to your broadcast automation device through the CII.

Assigning Conditions

  • A Button has to be assigned with its ID Number. In our case, if you want to assign the Cam Center button, you have to use “b166ab50-9bc1-4eea-9a16-473425d8124a“ as shown inside the code snippet above.

  • A Boolean & Text/String has to be assigned with its Key Name. In our case, key names must be following:

    • Reality String is equal to “realitystring1

    • Reality Boolean is equal to “realityboolean1

    • Reality Number is equal to “realitynumber1

Key Name can be found in the Field Settings of the Component, as shown in the images above.