Build #20 / Build Date: August 18, 2021

What's New




  • Using the new Gang Mode, you can control multiple Engines from the Nodegraph and Actions timeline in real-time.

  • Numeric properties and function parameters can now be incremented/decremented with the up/down arrow keys while navigating digits with left/right arrow keys via the keyboard.

  • Navigating in a dropdown-style property to choose one value from a list using the keyboard up/down buttons will be reflected the Engines and RGraph in real-time.

Advanced Preview Monitor

  • Advanced Preview Monitor now allows you to display selected R, G, B, Y (Luminance) channels.

  • Video decoding code is improved for 50/60 FPS streaming while using less CPU/GPU resources.

Playout & Form Builder

  • If you enable the UPDATE REAL-TIME property in the Settings of a Template Form, property changes will be reflected real-time at Playout.

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug

Fix Details

  • If the user deletes log files manually from the file system under ...\RealityHub\logs, RealityHub can’t continue logging until RealityHub Service is restarted.


  • Node's selection highlight disappears after renaming the node.