RGraph is a logic-based pipeline, as shown in the image above.

In the Nodegraph Menu, you can manage your RGraphs, as shown in the image below:

  • Reload: This action replenish your current RGraph

  • Load: This function calls your saved RGraph from the RealityHub database.

  • Load Template: You can call one of the RealityHub’s shipped advanced RGraph templates

  • ReTime: ReTime sends series of commands to the selected Engine to sync its video input and output

  • Clear: Clears your Nodegraph view

You can store RGraphs as a file (*.rgraph), which contains information about your Nodegraph’s state, such as a node’s properties, functions, input/output connections, and node’s position inside the Nodegraph.

RealityHub keeps your saved RGraphs in its database. Please keep that in mind: Deleting an RGraph also removes it from the RealityHub database. For more details, visit Database Backup