Advanced Preview Monitor (APM) is a powerful displaying interface that gives you the ability to preview your Reality Engine scene in real-time right inside the RealityHub user interface. APM displays the video on the pin you selected. To access the Advanced Preview Monitor:

  • Move your mouse pointer over the OUTPUT pin of the CAMERA node and right-click

  • Go to Monitor 1, select the Channel - A

The image above shows the Advanced Preview Monitor Menu


  • A: Channel A (Single view)

  • B: Channel B (Single view)

  • A|B: Multiview allows you to check multiple outputs side by side.

  • A B: Split View allows you to check and compare multiple outputs in a unified window. With the help of a splitter, you can check and compare two videos with a 360-degree angle.

  • Zoom/Pan Reset: When you select the Split View, this button gets activated and resets your pan/zoom view into its default state.

  • Pop-out ↗: This button allows you to popup APM as a new browser window. This function is helpful if you want to use APM in full-screen.

  • RGB: This feature allows you to displays selected R, G, B, Y (Luminance) channels.

Advanced Preview Monitor is disabled in the Live Mode. For more details, please visit the Launcher Interface.