Playout is the RealityHub module you can distribute and transmit your graphics by creating rundowns and playing your Form templates. Playout is the area you can control your Template Forms, during a live event. You can fill your Playout Form Templates manually or you can receive data from external sources.


  1. Templates: This area contains your Template Forms. For more details, visit Form Builder

  2. Rundown Area: You can drag & drop your Template Form into this section to build a production Rundown; then depending on your setup you can arrange your Playout Rundown items.

  3. Edit Keyboard Shortcuts: You can enter the Keyboard Shortcut Editing mode by pressing this button. You can set shortcuts to your rundown item buttons.

  4. Rundown Menu: This menu gives you the ability to manage your rundowns. Creating a new rundown, loading and deleting existing rundowns occurs via this menu.

  5. Playout Template Form: In this area, the Template Forms you designed became a functioning widget. You can trigger/execute your actions without creating rundown items. If you want to create a rundown, you can save your filled Forms as Rundown items. You can have multiple rundown items derived from the same Template Form to store different sets of data.