RealityHub 1.2

Hotfix Version 1.2.1

Build #100 / Build Date: January 19, 2022

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug
Fix Details
This issue only affects RealityHub version 1.2.0. Definitions made with previous releases are unaffected.
  • Fixed
Nodegraph Editor
  • The Mask output pin of the Cyclorama node loses its connection after a copy/paste operation.
  • RGraph History does not record the changing path of the Media Input node.
  • The Dynamic Property Array Index is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • The Get Value function does not work on Unreal Engine Vanilla properties.
  • Fixed
  • Launcher module displays an incorrect warning message when launch fails while using an Engine Group(s).
  • Fixed
  • Texture thumbnails are not visible.
  • Property changes are not reflected in the Playout module if the property is added to the Action Group Component.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed