RealityHub 1.2

What's New

Build #89 / Build Date: December 30, 2021

What's New

  • RealityHub now supports Unreal Engine Vanilla through the Remote-Control API. For more details, please visit Controlling Unreal Engine.
  • RGraph now has history. Any changes will be automatically saved, and you can undo/redo your changes by selecting the RGraph History steps.
Form Builder
  • You can now feed your Form Templates with data through popular database management systems such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL by scripting. See Data Integration
  • Form Templates now support XLSX and CSV files as your data source. XLSX and CSV files can be stored on a local drive, shared folder, or website.
MOS Module
  • You can now embed RealityHub MOS Plugin into third-party apps through the new ActiveX Control.
  • You can define a Shared DDC Network Path to automatically use the same DDC content by all of your Engines. The Shared DDC folder enables your Engines to share compiled shaders, and this way, there are no redundant shader compilations.

Unreal Engine Vanilla Support

With version 1.2, RealityHub introduces wide-range support for Unreal Engine Vanilla without leaving your familiar experience.
Unreal Engine Vanilla workflow in RealityHub
  • You can locally cache and launch Unreal Engine Vanilla projects from Project Source or Cooked content via RealityHub.
  • Unreal Engine Vanilla properties can be saved as UStates into RealityHub Database. You can select any UState while launching a project, and then when the project is launched, UState restores all saved properties. See UState
  • You can list your Unreal Engine presets as Actor-based or Group based.
Advanced Preview Monitor
Gang Mode
  • You can change properties and trigger functions on two or more Unreal Engines simultaneously. See Gang Mode
Properties and Functions
  • Unreal Engine properties and functions are displayed in different sections for a better user experience. See Properties and Functions
  • You can set Unreal Engine actor properties or trigger blueprint functions in Action Timeline. See Actions
Form Builder
  • You can create Form Templates by dragging and dropping actor properties and functions. See Form Builder
  • Form Templates can be used in the Playout module. See Playout
  • Unreal Engine Vanilla Form Templates can be used in Newsroom workflow. Newsroom
Sequence Playing
  • In the Game Mode, you can play a Level Sequence.
  • You can automate the Cooking process via the RealityHub Cook Manager module. See Cook Manager
Shared DDC


MOS Module
  • Support for MOS Protocol version 2.8 is added
  • MOS module configuration is enhanced
Advanced Preview Monitor (APM)
  • Safe-area markers are added
  • Stability improvements
  • Collapsing and expanding information of a node property group is stored per engine, node, and user.
  • Copy/paste operations now include external connections of a node.

Bug Fixes

Reported Bug
Fix Details
  • Tab key doesn't work in the RealityHub Script Editor
  • Fixed
  • Thumbnail images in the asset field of Form Builder are disappearing
  • Fixed
  • Reality Engine crashes if a property is set to an empty value.
  • Fixed
  • Timeline animations with more than two keyframes do not work with ZD Talent Fly Offset.
  • Fixed
  • Advanced Preview Monitor (APM) resets the RGB Mode in Pop-out Window.
  • Fixed
  • ENUM field value gets reset unexpectedly.
  • Fixed
  • A failed project folder scan resets all launch configurations
  • Fixed
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