RealityHub 1.2

Properties and Functions

Properties and Functions is part of the Nodegraph/Actions module; you can display the selected node’s details.
RealityHub reflects the construction and state of nodes inside your Engines via this user interface. It is the place you can adjust numeric properties and trigger function parameters incremental/decremental with your keyboard arrow keys.
You create Forms and Actions based on the values/parameters hosted by the Properties and Functions UI.

Increment/Decrement Factor

In RealityHub terminology, the increment factor refers to the amount of change in the value. When you want to change the value of a floating property, you can utilize the increase or decrease the increment factor for better fine-tuning.
To set an example, consider changing the value of a floating property ranging between 0 - 10. If the default increment factor is 1, moving the slider adds a 1 value in every step.
When you want to change the value to 2.5, you must type it manually unless you change the increment factor to 0.5. Therefore, moving the slider increment/decrement your value by 0.5 factors in such a scenario.
This feature is handy when you fine-tune sensitive values such as depth of field or things that require minor modifications.
To use the increment factor:
Factors on a Property
  • Hover your mouse over a floating property you want to change
  • Left-click and hold your mouse over the property
  • Use your up or down keyboard arrows to change the factor
As soon as you use the up and down arrow keys, a green popup menu appears and shows the increment factor you set, as shown in the image above.
The increment factor will not work if you activate the property by clicking inside the floating property box.

Changing Decimals

RealityHub allows you to change decimal numbers individually by using keyboard arrow keys. To set an example, consider you have a property value of 650, and you want to change the tens digit increasingly, such as to 660, then 670, and 680, etc. You can employ the decimals feature instead of typing numbers manually or fine-tuning the Increment Factor.
To do that:
  • Go to a property that contains a numerical value
  • Click on the left side of a number you want to change
  • Use your up and down arrow keys on your keyboard