RealityHub 1.2

General Engine Configuration

General Engine Configuration UI
General Engine Configuration has two sections, Engine Ping and Shared DDC, as shown in the image above:

Engine Ping

  • Engine Timeout (seconds): Defines the period you specified for Engine timeout; in other words, it refers to the duration that RealityHub waits for a response from your Engine before identifying changes in the state.
  • Engine Ping Interval (seconds): Defines the length of time the RealityHub waits between ping packets.

Shared DDC

Shared DDC (Derived Data Cache) is a network drive that all Engines can read/write derived data. RealityHub allows you to define which storage your Engines will use for derived data cache by defining a UNC Path. It can log in to the Shared DDC network through your Username and Password.
  • Enabled: When you activate the Enabled checkbox, your Engines reach your Shared DDC and can read/write.
  • Path: Area for defining the UNC Path for Shared DDC.
  • Username and Password: Administrative credentials of the computer your Derived Data Cache is located
Please keep that in mind; the Path you define must be a UNC Path.
Your Engines must have administrative rights to reach the Shared DDC.
For more details about Shared DDC, please visit: