Reality 4.27

Reality Examples Project

Reality Example Project is the template project that comes with the installation and is crafted as a first step into the Reality world.
Reality Engine comes with two main Project Categories:
  • Virtual Studio
  • Broadcast Graphics

Virtual Studio

Project Browser Template Selection
The Virtual Studio project category contains Blank, Lens Calibration, and Reality Examples projects as shown in the image above.
After the error-free installation:
  • Go to your desktop and double click on the RE icon, and launch the Reality Editor
Reality Editor Splash Screen
  • Select and launch one of your older projects from the Recent Projects or go to the New Project Category in Unreal Project Browser and select one of the template categories, Virtual Studio and Broadcast Graphics
Project Selection Window
  • Virtual Studio contains the following templates: Blank, Lens Calibration, Reality Examples
Template Selection Window

Project Settings

Go to Edit > Project Settings
  • Make sure that the Default Gamemode is ZDGameMode.
Project Settings / Maps & Modes
  • Go to Rendering and set the Enable alpha channel support in post-processing to Disabled.
Project Settings / Rendering
Modifications above require restarting the Reality Editor.
If you use the Portal Window feature, you have to enable Global Clipping Plane from the Project Settings. To do that:
Go to Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Rendering and make sure that Support global clip plane for Planar Reflections to Enabled as shown below:
Project Settings / Lighting
Now you can control the Reality Examples project via RealityHub.