Reality 4.27

ZDActor Component

ZD ACTOR is an actor component that exports Unreal Actor object into Reality API as a node in run-time. Using ZD ACTOR, you can export any actor into the Reality API.

ZDActor Implementation

  • Create an arbitrary actor class on Reality Editor. Click ADD COMPONENET then ZD ACTOR. Afterward, click on ZD ACTOR.
  • Click on ZD ACTOR on the details panel(right side of the screen); you can change the properties of the ZD ACTOR component under the Reality category.
  • Put your actor into the level.
  • Click on the Reality Editor PLAY button, and then switch to the RealityHub. When the project is running, the actor node will be displayed on your RGraph canvas.

Using ZD Actors

  • Attach the ZDACTOR component to the Actor.
  • Drag and drop your ACTOR into your level blueprint
  • When Reality Editor is in the Play Mode, ZDACTOR with its all component automatically appears on the RealityHub as a node.