Reality 4.27

OnLengthChanged_Event Callback


  • Events name must start with "OnLengthChanged_".
  • The Variable must be public.
  • After "OnLenghtChange_" events name and array variable must be the same.
  • Events name are case sensitive.


  • Click ADD NEW button. Select blueprint.
  • Add an Actor Blueprint Class. Open it.
  • Open event graph.
  • Add ZD ACTOR component.
  • Add a new variable from the Variables section under My Blueprint Tab. Make it public and change it as array.
  • Add a new "CustomEvent". Right click and write "Add Custom Event".
  • Name must be "OnLengthChanged_MyBooleanArray". (As you can see variable name and event name after "OnLengthChanged_" is same.)
  • Add nodes as shown in below image.
  • When we add a new value into "MyBooleanVariable" array the events will print length of array. This is the basic code for understanding how its working.
  • Add ActorBlueprint to scene.
  • Click PLAY button and open Reality Setup.
  • Select MyActorBP node.
  • .As you can see actor blueprint appears in Reality Setup. Thanks to ZD ACTOR component.
  • Array variable also appears in properties tab of MyActorBP. Because we made it public variable.