Reality 4.27

Camera Tracking Information

We have to calculate the following parameters:
  • Virtual Camera Position
  • Virtual Camera Orientation (pan, tilt, roll)
  • Lens Field of View (usually shortened as FOV)
  • Focal Depth (which depth the camera is focused to, in centimeters)
In an ideal world, all tracking devices should be sending this data themselves, but this is not the case for most tracking devices.
For example, a pan/tilt head, using the older Vinten protocol (Image Tracker box) might only provide the encoder counters of each axis. So, we have to know, how many encoder steps are counted for every degree of pan and tilt made. We have to enter TILTRESOLUTION and PANRESOLUTION values to the VINTEN tracking node. After we enter these values to the VINTEN tracking node, it can provide us “pan and tilt” data.
We will go into the details of VINTEN node later, but there are even further steps that are needed to calculate the physical camera’s sensor location and orientation.